3D printing

EldyPlus® with the 3D printer MyLedy

The revolution in the 3D printer market, especially for filaments like Eldy Plus®.

For more than four years, Heimerle+ Meule has been very successfully selling the Eldy Plus® materials from DentalPlus. Until now, these could only be offered to satisfied customers as material for milling. But this is now changing with the MYLEDY!

The MYLEDY is the revolution on the 3D printer market. With this unique device, you can also print the Eldy Plus® material in all color variations and specific indication areas – with the same outstanding properties that the Eldy material already had before.

In addition, the MYLEDY has fundamental advantages over devices from other market players. The innovative Drive Belt, which guarantees printing without interruptions, the integrated camera, which enables the user to monitor the print result from home via the cloud, or the revolutionary 2-touch nozzles, which make it possible for the first time to print two colors in one step, and much more. – All of this makes the MYLEDY a new employee you won’t want to do without.

With the MYLEDY you can create the following

  • Models
  • Drilling templates
  • Flexible splints of any type
  • Long-term temporaries
  • Denture bases
  • Dental arches
  • Flex dentures

Advantages of the MYLEDY dental 3D desktop printer over competitor devices:

  • Drive Belt, enables efficient 24/7 printing without a break – Integrated camera for visual control from the workplace or from home (through a cloud solution)
  • Low noise level, the quiet worker in the lab
  • Temperature can be variably set for each printing process
  • Two print heads allow two-color printing in one step (pink/tooth color)
  • Vibrations and movements of the MYLEDY do not influence the print result
    Homogeneous surface structure