High technology in dental technology

In recent years, plastics technology has produced numerous innovative developments. These modern high-performance plastics are increasingly being used in medicine, especially in dental medicine.

Patient-oriented factors

Economic aspects and the growing awareness of patients regarding the problem of metal compounds in the mouth are promoting this shift towards state-of-the-art acrylics.

In der Zahnmedizin und -technik werden vorrangig sogenannte PMMA-Kunststoffe eingesetzt. Dies ist eine Kohlenwasserstoffverbindung, die in verschiedenen Qualitätsstufen verfügbar ist.

Our expertise in raw material production

Our special knowledge lies in the production of material blanks. The technology we have developed is future-oriented and delivers special quality.

Basic manufacturing processes for plastic blanks

Thermoplastic production: Moldings, such as blanks, produced by this process are characterized by extremely high homogeneity. Due to their high surface density, these plastics are much more fracture-resistant (thermoplastic blanks approx. 3,000 – 3,600 MpA) than chemoplastic blanks (approx. 1,800 – 2,400 MpA).

Due to this stability, plastic crowns and bridges can be produced for long-term use (> 6 years). In contrast to chemoplastics, which have a higher residual monomer content and can cause allergic or health-endangering reactions, thermoplastics do not exhibit these problems due to the manufacturing process.

Modifications of the plastics by color pigments facilitate finishing, and thermoplastics (composites) optimized by fillers such as glass meet the requirements for abrasion resistance and surface hardness.

Chemoplastic production: In this process, a large plastic sheet is formed with the aid of powder and monomer liquid, similar to the powder-liquid process in dental technology.

DentalPlus - at the forefront of innovation

Our customized acrylics, supported by CAD-CAM technology, simplify the work of dental technicians and open up special possibilities for patient care. Color-stable and extremely fracture-resistant acrylic crowns can be produced in a single work step. Our wide range of products is at your disposal.