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The CAD / CAM blanks offer high quality alternatives for the fabrication of metal-free dentistry.
The material groups are suitable for allergy sufferers.

Catalog and informations available here:
+ CAD/CAM Blanks Catalog
+ milling cutters
+ Catalog High Performance Polymers Injection Molding Technology (German)
+ High Performance Polymere Instruction Manual
+ Peek Working Instruction
+ Flexistrong Plus®, Polyflex Plus®, Flexiplast Plus® Working Instruction

Dentalos Plus® : for the production of crowns and bridges, and also inlays and onlays also with a permanent character. Dentalos Plus blanks are available in the following models: Dentalos Plus® Multicolor and Dentalos Plus® Mono.

Flexistrong Plus® : flexible high-performance plastic for including splint, model casting, telescopic dentures and implant technology. The Flexistrong Plus® disc is currently available in the colors pink, A1/A2, A3/A3, 5, and nature.

The high quality of our products speaks for itself. High-performance plastics in the best quality from our company will open up new horizons.

Modern high performance polymere replace in the high technology like space, aircraft and vehicle manufacturing more and more the goup of metal.

High performance polymere gain in the dental technologie a higher ästhetik und a better comfort.

Different producion processes decide if carbon becomes coal or a diamant.