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The advantages of the material

The advantages of our material emerge predominantly through is processing. Conventional prostheses are manufactured in chemical ways at the moment. To the Cure of the main-material, one requires vehicles, solvents, that recovers itself in tracks found in the ready products. Exactly these remains, formaldehyde or also changed chemical structures incriminate our body and can evoke allergic reactions – Headaches, backaches, rheumatic troubles are often the reactions of a poisoned organism and as well as for the patient, also as for the tooth-technician avoidable.

DentalPlus® plastics consist of carbon-chains, which are even indifferent and have no effects on environment and bodies, of highly developed co-polymeren. They are moulded without any type of chemical addition only by pressure and temperature.

The plastic is standardized and is portioned in aluminiumsmall tubes (cartridges) welds offered in order to achieve such constant result. Under high pressure and temperature, the plastic is now pressed from the cartridges into a mold. In with way you can make part-, totally- and metal-free prostheses.


biocompatible – smooth surface – plaqueresistent – unbreakable


Polyan Plus® is used for the manufacture of part- and totalprostheses. It can be used for both plastic-teeth as well as ceramics-teeth. There are different colors.

Dentalos Plus® is a thermoplast, which is suitable for the manufacture of crowns and bridges. It is applicable for temporary and permanent dental prostheses

FlexiStrong Plus® is also used for the manufacture of clamps, for attachment- and telescope-works, for rails and sportmask uses. Four different colours offer making from tooth-colored as also gum-coloured and colourless formsharing. Flexistrong Plus® is a thermoplast. It possesses a high mechanical solidity, an excellent hittenacity, abrasion. Flexistrong Plus® has very good filterability through low glaze-temperature the manufacture makes possible graceful of tooth-technical form-parts for what.

FlexiStrong Plus® can be desinfected and sterilized. The high pressure with the processing guarantees formfidelity are accurate to size.