Eldy Plus®

High-performance polymer of the PET group


With our new high-performance polymer Eldy Plus® we have succeeded in developing the missing link in our product range.

Eldy Plus® is characterized by extremely high resistance in terms of fracture stability and is virtually “unbreakable”.

Best polishability, high plaque resistance and bete bondability to conventional plymers are further highlights of our new material.

Field of application


  • Highly break resistant
  • Elastic material

Technical data

Elastic modulus: 1600 MPa
Tensile strength: 53 MPa
Flexural strength: 80 MPa
Water absorption: 0,5 %

* The technical/physical values given are measurement results from institutes and may be subject to fluctuation.

Processing data injection molding

Cartridge preheating 15 Min.
Spray temperature 270°C
Spray pressure 7 – 8 bar
After pressure 1 Min.

Injection molding colors

A1 • A2 • A3 • A3,5 • rosa • rosa opal  • glasklar

Things to know

Perfect material for flexible splints of all types and long-term temporaries.

Almost unbreakable, can be destroyed by improper handling. Please do not use denture finisher sprays or solutions. This can lead to brittleness.

Working instructions

Eldy Plus®

More application examples