3D printing with MyLedy

Significant progress is announced in the world of 3D printing technology.

Until now, our high-quality polymers were only available as milling materials for dentistry, which was perfectly in line with the numerous satisfied customers. But this is now about to change remarkably with the introduction of the MYLEDY!

Groundbreaking in the field of medical dentures

The MYLEDY marks a groundbreaking change in the 3D printer market, especially in the field of dental prosthetics.

With this unique device, it is now possible to print, among other things, the Eldy Plus® polymer for dental restorations in all color variants and specific areas of application.

In doing so, it retains all the outstanding properties that have always characterized the Eldy material, thus expanding the possibilities in dental prosthetics.




Advantages over competitors

The MYLEDY also offers significant advantages compared to products from other market players. With the innovative Drive Belt that ensures a trouble-free printing process, the built-in camera that allows users to monitor the print result from the comfort of their own home via the cloud, and the groundbreaking 2-tach nozzles that enable printing in two colors in just one step for the first time, and much more, the MYLEDY is a valuable addition to your team that you won’t want to be without.

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