The advantages of our material of our high-performance polymers

Conventional prostheses are currently manufactured using chemical processes. This chemoplastic method requires, among other things, monomers and starter radicals, which can be detected even in small quantities in the final products. It is precisely these residues (such as benzene peroxide, residual monomers…) or altered chemical structures that can stress our bodies and trigger allergic reactions – headaches, back pain and rheumatic complaints are often the consequences of body poisoning, which could be avoided for both the patient and the dental technician.

Our DentalPlus® high-performance polymers

DentalPlus® plastics are made of advanced copolymer carbon chains, which are neutral in themselves and do not affect the environment or organism.

They are formed only by pressure and temperature, without any chemical additives. The plastic is sealed in aluminum tubes (cartridges) as standard and in fixed portions to ensure consistent results every time. Under high pressure and temperature, the plastic is injected from the cartridge into a mold. In this way, the production of partial, full and metal-free dentures is possible.

biocompatible – smooth surface – plaque resistant – fracture resistant

Polyan Plus®

Polyan Plus® is used for the fabrication of partial and complete dentures.Both acrylic teeth,
as well as ceramic teeth can be used. We offer different colors.

Dentalos Plus®

Dentalos Plus® is a thermoplastic suitable for the fabrication of crowns and bridges. It can be used for temporary and permanent dentures.

FlexiStrong Plus®

FlexiStrong Plus® is used for the fabrication of clasps, for attachment and telescope work, for splints and sports mouthguards. One can choose between four different colors. Die Formteile können in zahnfarben, zahnfleischfarben und farblos angefertigt werden. Flexistrong Plus® ist ein Thermoplast. Er besitzt eine hohe mechanische Festigkeit, eine ausgezeichnete Schlagzähigkeit, Abriebfestigkeit und ist sterilisier- und desinfizierbar. Flexistrong Plus® hat durch die niedrige Schmelztemperatur sehr gute Fließeigenschaften, was die Herstellung graziler zahntechnischer Formteile ermöglicht. Der hohe Druck bei der Verarbeitung garantiert formtreue und passgenaue Arbeiten.