Dear patients,

we are pleased to present our latest innovations and developments in the field of dental prosthetics. As a leader in the production of dental polymers, we offer you an ideal alternative for metal-free dentures.

Our high-quality polymers are easy to process, well tolerated and open up new possibilities for aesthetically pleasing and comfortable dental restorations.

Quality you can count on

The high quality of our products speaks for itself. With our high-performance resins, we open up new horizons for you in the field of dental restorations. Our resins are designed to meet the high demands and provide you with durable and reliable dental restorations.

High-performance polymers in action

Modern high-performance polymers are used in various high-tech areas such as space travel, aircraft technology and vehicle construction. They have also found their way into the dental field and offer numerous advantages.

They not only improve the esthetics and wearing comfort of dental restorations, but also prevent negative effects in the patient’s mouth. Our high-quality resins are based on these innovative high-performance polymers.

The nature of the manufacturing processes determines whether carbon compounds are converted to coal or to diamonds.

Stay up to date with DentalPlus

Visit our homepage for the latest product information. There you will also find information on our new flagship product, Eldy Plus®, as well as other developments in the dental prosthetics industry. At DentalPlus, innovation and progress are paramount, and we are continuously expanding and improving our product line to provide you with the best possible solution for your dental needs.

Experience versatility with Eldy Plus®.

Our Eldy Plus® product offers you a wide range of possible applications. This versatility enables us to meet your individual dental requirements and offer you customized dental restorations.