Flexistrong Plus® 

High-performance polymer of the PVDF group


Flexistrong Plus® is a highly crystalline, thermoplastic resin with good mechanical and thermal properties and excellent chemical resistance. It is suitable for splints, model casting, telescopic dentures and implant technology, among other applications.

The discs are characterized by
– high continuous use temperature (140C°), therefore sterilizable
– practically no water absorption (plaque resistant)
– high chemical resistance (e.g. against acids, salts, alcohols)
– radiation resistant and flame retardant
– physiologically harmless
– high abrasion resistance and unbreakable
– veneerable

Field of application


  • Extreme fracture stability
  • Plaque resistant
  • High translucency
  • Can be veneered
  • High chemical bonding to other resins possible

Technical data

Elastic modulus: 2000 MPa
Flexural strength: 90 MPa
Ball Indentation Hardness (Rockwell): 80 MPa
Form stability temp. 145 C°
Water absorption: <0,04 %

* The technical/physical values given are measurement results from institutes and may be subject to fluctuati


Flexistrong Plus® is characterized by the highest biocompatibility and is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Colors CAD/CAM

A2 • A3,5 • rosa • natur

Things to know

Very high esthetic translucency. Plaque resistance very dependent on patient care.

Extreme fracture stability, high toughness, extremely low water absorption characterize this high-performance resin.

Working instructions

Flexistrong Plus®

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