Injection molding

The advantages of our material

Our high-performance polymers, which we manufacture with the greatest care and precision, offer not only impressive performance but also remarkable biocompatibility. This combination ensures that our products are not only convincing in technical aspects, but also in terms of their compatibility.


Our plastics are molded only by pressure and temperature without any chemical additive. In this process, the standardized and portioned plastic is injected into a mold under high pressure and temperature. This enables the production of partial, total and metal-free dentures with consistent results every time.

Biocompatibility and robustness

The results are biocompatible, have a smooth surface, are plaque resistant and fracture resistant. This ensures that the prostheses are durable and compatible.

Product variety

Polyan Plus®: Polyan Plus® is used for the fabrication of partial and complete dentures. Both acrylic teeth and ceramic teeth can be used. We offer different colors.

Dentalos Plus®:Dentalos Plus® is a thermoplastic suitable for the fabrication of crowns and bridges. It can be used for both temporary and permanent dentures.

FlexiStrong Plus®: FlexiStrong Plus® is used for the fabrication of clasps, for attachment and telescope work, for splints and sports mouthguards. The moldings can be made in tooth-colored, gingiva-colored and colorless. Flexistrong Plus® is a thermoplastic. It has high mechanical strength, excellent impact strength, abrasion resistance and can be sterilized and disinfected.

Polyflex Plus®: Polyflex Plus® is characterized by its excellent resistance to fatigue. Monolithic outer parts, unbreakable crown and bridge constructions, flexible partial dentures are the main areas of application. Thermal repair between Polyflex Plus and Polyflex Plus is possible.

Peek: Peek is a high-performance polymer that is mainly used for frictional elements in telescope or bar technology. By means of a corresponding sandwich technique, this material can be used to combine extremely high fracture stability with high esthetics.

Flexiplast Plus®: Flexiplast Plus® is a very body-compatible resin, but has a high plaque susceptibility and limited chemical bonding properties. Despite these limitations