As a leader in the production of high-performance polymers, we pride ourselves on offering materials with superior biocompatibility and outstanding performance to meet the exacting demands of our customers.

Revolution in dental technology through high-performance polymers

With the introduction of CAD/CAM technology and, more recently, 3D filament printing technology, the variety of products in dental technology has grown exponentially.

Outwardly, differences in polymers are often not noticeable, but the quality can vary greatly – especially due to different manufacturing processes and technologies.

3D filament printing has brought a new dimension to the dental industry, opening up entirely new possibilities for us.

But despite these technological advances, choosing the right material remains crucial. This is where our high-performance polymers come into play, delivering the best results due to their excellent biocompatibility, performance and quality, regardless of the manufacturing technology used.

High-performance thermoplastic polymers

Taking into account our high quality standards, we produce high-quality, thermoplastic high-performance polymers. Our many years of experience in injection molding have given us in-depth knowledge of the quality of our materials and their biocompatibility.

Different manufacturing processes determine
whether carbon compounds are turned into coal or a diamond.

Innovation and quality through high-performance polymers

Through a patented process, we have succeeded in meeting the high requirements for biocompatibility and performance also in the form of blanks.

Our constant research and further developments ensure the extreme homogeneity, gap-free accuracy of fit, high fracture strength and long-term color stability of our high-performance polymers. In addition, our “DentalPlus resins” are characterized by the highest degree of biocompatibility and physiological harmlessness, and they have proven to be extremely well tolerated even by sensitive patients. They offer excellent esthetics and long-term durability – and they are of course “Made in Germany”!

Wide range of applications for our high-performance polymers

Our high-performance polymers have long since been used in dental technology for more than just temporary restorations. Full and partial dentures, crown and bridge technique, splints, model casting and clasp technique, fully anatomical long-term temporaries – depending on the indication, our customers can choose between Eldy Plus®, Polyan Plus®, Dentalos Plus® or our PMMA Economic Line

Experience versatility with Eldy Plus®.

Eldy Plus® is not only available in the form of a milled blank for CAD/CAM applications, but also as a cartridge product for injection molding. We thus offer you a wide range of applications to meet your dental requirements.